Do you want to know how to use the latest version of WhatsApp? Well, there is a new APK for you. It is called AZWhatsApp Apk and has been released today by developers worldwide. You can download this app from our website or GBPLUSYO.COM.

AZWhatsApp APK

AZ WhatsApp APK

AZWhatsApp APK

You can download AZWhatsApp apk is a beautiful feature for a complete privacy fingerprint lock, online status hide, download status video photos and fast lite ai, etc.

Version: 10.90

Size: 58MB

Updated: 1 day ago

This app provides many features not available in the official WhatsApp application, such as video calls, sending high-quality images, and much more! If you want a fantastic experience with your favorite messaging tool, don’t hesitate any longer – download this APK now and Also Check out GBWhatsApp Apk.

AZWhatsApp APK

It is necessary to say that this is a third-party app, meaning you cannot trust the developers 100%. In other words, downloading this application on your PC or smartphone can be dangerous. However, if something goes wrong, you have nothing to lose – follow the tutorial below and try to install this app from a reliable source.

What is AZWhatsApp Apk

This post is about the AZWhatsApp Apk. This new app is on the market and has been put out there for people to download. This app has many features that stand out from other chat apps available on the internet, but first, we need to understand what this means.

It’s an Android application that works as a more secure alternative to some of those other chat applications you’ll find on

This was created as a way for you to communicate with your friends without having to worry about being tracked by someone who might be trying to read your messages for their purposes, like law enforcement officials or hackers looking for your username and password so they can steal your identity.

It’s a third-party app, meaning you cannot trust the developers 100%. Making sure you download this from a reputable website can help you avoid getting in contact with any malware or a virus.

Features of AZWhatsApp Apk

The AZWhatsApp apk is one of the most popular Whatsapp downloaders out there. This app has features that are not available with other apps, making it worth downloading if you’re looking for new features. The key features of this app include the following.

AZWhatsApp APK Download

Do not disturb mode

You can use this mode if you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone for a specific time.

Unlimited Emoji

Use all the WhatsApp emoticons that you could ever need with this apk.

Send 1 GB videos: Send high-quality videos with the AZ WhatsApp that are up to one gigabyte in size.

Hide Media

This feature allows users to hide their photos or any other file before sending it to someone else for security and privacy reasons. It is great because no one wants their pictures and files stolen when sending them through a chat app like WhatsApp.

Better privacy

You can use this feature to ensure that all your messages aren’t logged in the chats.

Group admin

This allows you to choose an administrator for every group chat you’re part of, which means they can manage things like adding new members and removing old ones.

Custom notification tone

If you want to change the notification tone on your phone, this app allows you to do so with just a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Download AZ WhatsApp today and enjoy using it.

Anti-delete for messages

The anti-delete feature for this app ensures that your messages don’t get deleted after a specific time, which is perfect if you want to save them so you can look back on them later. It’s a great way to ensure all your memories from chats aren’t lost forever.

Hide last seen

This WhatsApp APK offers the ability to hide when users were last online for privacy purposes and security reasons because no one wants other people tracking their surveillance on them as they use Facebook or WhatsApp. Making these changes means it’s much more difficult for people who might be spying on you through your accounts will have a more challenging time seeing when you’re using your account.

Custom themes

No more blue and white with this APK. You can change the whole layout to whatever color you want, which is perfect if you don’t like the default colors of WhatsApp.

Manage trash

If you’ve sent messages before that, you now regret it. This app will allow you to delete them from the chat or move them to a separate folder for safe keeping so they don’t get in your way anymore and make things confusing for others trying to read through your conversations with friends and family members.

PRO KEY of AZWhatsApp Apk

  • Unlimited (and no need to use a credit card for pay)
  • Ads-free and demanding to be detected
  • It is used without any issues
  • New features are available
  • Anti-ban system is available
  • Much faster than the official version of Whatsapp
  • You can use it simultaneously with the official version of Whatsapp without getting detected by WhatsApp.
  • Hide last seen
  • Hide online status and blue ticks.
  • Lock chats
  • Password protected
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Material Design
  • Unlimited WhatsApp status with online/offline message counter.
  • Ability to see new messages from official Whatsapp from the Whatsapp + notification bar.

Why use AZ WhatsApp Apk?

There are many reasons why users choose to download this AZ WhatsApp Apk over others, which makes it one of the most downloaded apps on GB Plus YO. People love using it because of how easy it is for anyone.

Right now, the latest version is AZ WhatsApp. This APK has all of the features everyone’s used to seeing in WhatsApp, like sending pictures, audio clips, and videos, while having some different ones, such as using a separate folder for saving media files before sending them through chat.

As a result, users can manage their conversations more easily since everything they’ve sent or received can be accessible in one location without having to go through different files or applications.

How to Download and Install AZWhatsApp Apk on Android

Many people are looking for an AZWhatsApp Apk that will allow them to access the features on their phones without paying for data. With this new download, you can do just that. The only catch is that it does not work in all countries. If you’re interested in downloading this app, then continue reading.

Step 1. Go to [GBPLUSYO.COM] and download the AZ WhatsApp+ (14). Once you’ve downloaded it, make sure to install it on your phone like you would with any other application.

Step 2. After you’ve installed the app, open it and log in using your phone number and a six-digit passcode.

Step 3. Once logged in, it should automatically download all your contacts from your Google account. If that doesn’t work, tap “Refresh contacts” to manually select your WhatsApp contacts to sync with the app.

Step 4. After selecting all your WhatsApp contacts, open the messaging app on your phone and click on the small arrow to send a message. Once it opens, tap on “Change Theme” > Tap on Themes > Click Blue > Click Custom Theme > Go over to Backgrounds and select any color you want for your chat background.


Do you want to know more about the application? Do you have any questions that you would like answered? If so, then this blog post is for you. In this article, we will discuss what AZWhatsApp APK is and answer some FAQs. You can also find a link at the bottom of the page, with which you can download it for free.

Q. What is AZ WhatsApp Apk?

A. In short, this app allows you to use the features of WhatsApp without being detected by it.

Q. How can I download it?

A. We have a link with which you can download AZ Whatsapp APK just below here:

AZ Whatsapp for Android Free Download [GB Plus Yo]

Q. With which phones can I use it?

A. It works with all Android phones. Installing the software’s appropriate version can verify whether your area is supported and ensure your phone is rooted.

Q. Do I still need a data connection to use it?

A. Yes, you do need a data connection or Wifi to be able to use it.

Q. What do I have to do if my contacts don’t appear after downloading the app?

A. Go into your settings and click on applications > WhatsApp > Permissions > Storage > Change from “Read Only” to “Read & Write” > Reboot your device.

Q. What are the requirements to use it?

A. The requirements for this app are pretty low; all you need is an outdated Android device that doesn’t have WhatsApp installed anymore. That is what allows you to download it at no cost.

Q. What are the features?

A. The features of this app include everything that WhatsApp offers. However, it does not contain all its parts. You can’t use an iPhone microphone on Android or chat with someone using another account.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and AZ WhatsApp APK. I am sure that many of you were contemplating whether or not it’s worth getting the app; however, now you have all the information to make a choice. I think this app is handy, and if you have an Android device, I suggest you download it immediately..!

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