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Fouad WhatsApp apk is a fantastic app with great features that will allow you to manage your WhatsApp in a better way. The new version of the WhatsApp mod app has been completely updated, and now it comes with the most recent version of WhatsApp, which is 2.16.298 and includes all the tools you will need to manage your WhatsApp account. FWA Apk Review is one of the best apps because it has some extra features.

Version: 17.20

Size: 57MB

Updated: 01 February 2023

The ability to send more than one pic, audio, or video at once in a chat without restrictions; Editing any message you sent before; GBWhatsApp comes with an Attachment menu to attach videos, images, or audio send them as separate files. You can see the date of each message in the chat list; Best for gif lovers because it lets you add gifs in chats easily.

Fouad WhatsApp

The Fouad Whatsapp app lets you Edit any audio or video you send to any chat, and you can change it before sending it. Removing media from your gallery after sending them, like Telegram; Sorting chats by name, size, or date; Clearing calls list in calls history directly without going to the contact.

What is Fouad WhatsApp Apk

Fouad Whatsapp app with all the features you will need to manage your account, chat, and contacts. FWA is an open-source messaging protocol, which means it’s free software that anyone can modify but is also used as a base for many different projects.

Fouad Whatsapp APK review has been completely updated. It now comes with the most recent version of Whatsapp, 2.16.298, so you can use this app to manage your WhatsApp account without any problems or bugs. Many people don’t like Whatsapp because some features are unavailable on this app, but FWA APK has all those features and more.

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps, and it’s used by many people all over the world; FWA was created by two young programmers who live in Venezuela, they made this app for their use, but after some weeks, FWA became very popular. Now you can download FWA APK for Android free from our website.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Better Than Official WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp app has all the officially available features on WhatsApp, Fouad comes with an extra feature called stickers and GIFs, so if you are looking for a better version of the WhatsApp mod, you have to download FWA APK. FWA can handle videos up to 100MB large instead of 16 MB, which is the official rule for WhatsApp, it lets you send more than one pic without limits, and FWA is an excellent source for GIFs lovers because it allows you to add gifs in chats easily.

FWA is a great app because it has no restrictions, ads, or in-app purchases. The best thing about the FWA ask is that there are no limits to using this app for personal and business use.

What Do You Need To Use Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp app has many features that can be without any problems on any Android device; FWA APK works on old Android and new appliances, so you don’t need to worry about your phone’s specs.

FWA Mod Version 2.16.298 is compatible with the latest versions of Android like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

Is Fouad Whatsapp APK Free?

You can download Fouad WhatsApp from our website for free, just like our other apps here on You won’t have to pay anything for this app because it’s a free messaging application that any company or organization does not own; we are not responsible for any bugs or problems on the app.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp Apk

Fouad WhatsApp Apk, the founder of Whatsapp Messenger, was born in Lebanon but spent most of his life living and working as an engineer for companies such as Google and Yahoo! He earned many awards, including Employee of the Month at Yahoo.

fouad whatsapp

Anti-Ban Protection

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the only messaging apps that does not have an algorithm to detect and ban users from their service. FWA was built to serve as a platform for many different projects.

Anti-Social Media

WhatsApp Messenger is like any other big social media platform in more than some ways. They’re platforms where people share opinions and trends, and thousands flock daily to connect with others. But it’s Fouad’s opinion on Facebook and Twitter – the two most popular social networks of our time.

DND Mode

FWA WhatsApp lets you set a DND mode that will allow you to ignore your contacts when you don’t want to talk with them. You can mute notifications and disable the app whenever you need it; this feature is excellent for anybody who wants privacy.

Live preview of color changes

Fouad WhatsApp lets users see a live preview of their wallpaper; for example, if you want to change your background, open FWA and pick one.

Multiple Account Support

If you are looking for an app that can support more than one account, Fouad is your best chance to have multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same phone; FWA allows up to 3 statements on a single device.

Themes Store

FWA provides users with a store to download new themes for chats, stickers, and backgrounds. You can also create your own and share it with millions of FWA users.

Security Key Feature

WhatsApp is one of the most secure messaging platforms used by people all over the world. FWA uses the same security key feature in every Whatsapp message you receive or send. 

fouad whatsapp

Spy Mode Photo/Video 

If you have an Android device with root access, this feature will allow you to take photos or videos from WhatsApp without notifying other users on WhatsApp chat.

Auto Delete Messages After reading

With FWA back, you’ll be able to configure how long messages should be shown as “Unseen” if you mark a message as Seen, then the app will automatically delete it to avoid your privacy being breached.

Anti delete messages

You can also enable the Anti Delete Messages feature in Fouad, which will help you recover your deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Logout Timer 

You can set a logout timer that will allow you to automatically get logged out of your account after a specific amount of time has passed. It is useful when you don’t want somebody snooping around on your account.

Gtalk Integration 

FWA supports and integrates flawlessly if you are using Gtalk with Google accounts. You’ll be able to chat with Gmail people and see how many unread chats you have directly from the app without leaving WhatsApp. Chat History 

The Famous Whatsapp mod lets you chat with people from the past; FWA Whatsapp shows you a history of all your conversations and who was active on WhatsApp. Blocked List

Fouad WhatsApp is an Anti-Spam app, and the blocked list works best for spam users on WhatsApp. You can add any number to it, and they will not be able to message you again; this feature does not apply to group chats, as blocklists are only available for individual messaging.

Pros & Cons

Rashi is a famous WhatsApp mod that FWA, a member of Apkspure, has developed. It used to be one of the most popular mods, but nowadays, its usage is declining daily because of its inadequate service. Here we have listed the pros and cons of Rashr WhatsApp to make a point about whether you should use it or not.

Hide the Status Viewer

You can hide the Status viewer in Rashr WhatsApp; this is an excellent feature for people who don’t want others to see their statuses on WhatsApp.

Search Chats from your contacts

Rashi has an option for searching chats directly from your contact list; if you type in a name and then hit search, you’ll be able to see all the messages that both of you exchanged with each other’s status. Call log Integration 

FWA integrated call logs with its app to find any number you’ve called from Rashr and click it to chat with it instantly. It is one of our favorite features because it always makes chatting easier—contact pictures support.

Our team likes to keep their pictures as a profile on WhatsApp, unlike many users who only use texts and emojis, and it’s good to notify people that ye talking to by showing them your contact pictures.

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Many people widely use Fouad WhatsApp for daily texting. One of its many appealing aspects for customers is the capacity to modify your status within the program. You can indicate if you are available or online so that other people know whether you wish to communicate with them. There is also a Do Not Disturb option, which prevents people from sending you messages when you are engaged in other activities like sleeping or working.

  1. Privacy settings
  2. Freeze last seen
  3. Change privacy
  4. Who can call me
  5. Disable forwarded
  6. Anti-delete messages
  7. Launch on startup
  8. Themes 
  9. Unread count text size 
  10. Chat backgrounds 
  11. Message spell checker 
  12. Set signature for every chat 
  13. Auto-completion of usernames and contact names 
  14. Pin chat on top You can pin any discussion to the top so that you can see what’s going on from that chat, and every time you pull out of the chat list, it will come back in front.
  15. Show blue tricks after a reply.
  16. Programmable keys 
  17. Launch the camera in the lock screen 
  18. Send a message directly to the contact from the call log
  19. Launch all ringtones in one click 
  20. Force night mode at certain hours 
  21. Status templates  
  22. Sound notifications 
  23. Reply to messages without opening the app
  24. Hide the last seen timestamp 
  25. Gtalk integration Chat History Blocked list 
  26. Find the phone from the chat 
  27. Desktop Mode Reply
  28. Hide Online/Offline status

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp APK on Android

Downloading Fouad WhatsApp is very simple. The app has an original APK, which you can download from the link below, and it’s also available on Apkspure if any of them doesn’t work for you. You can also check how to Install Rashr WhatsApp manually from here.

How to install Fouad WhatsApp on Android 

Fouad Whatsapp is relatively easy to install, but certain apps, such as lucky patcher, may block it, so make sure you’re using a compatible smartphone before installing it. It works with almost all Android versions higher than 4.2. How to Enable Call Blocking (Rashr) If your phone did not come with call blocking enabled by default, follow these steps: Click Menu, Tap Settings Select Block.

How to Download Fouad Whatsapp for PC/Windows 

Fouad Whatsapp works on both Android and Windows platforms. You can install Rashr WhatsApp on your PC or computer if you use it as the first OS. It is easy to download Fouad WhatsApp for pc/windows; follow these steps.

It’s a great application that will allow you to run Fouad WhatsApp on your windows or Pc. Install Bluestack Once installed, open BlueStacks Choose Search, Type in “Rashr Whatsapp,” and click on the app icon. Now click on the install button and wait till the installation process gets completed. This way, you’ll be able to get Fouad WhatsApp for pc.

Fouad WhatsApp IOS iPhone and IPAD Instructions

You can follow these simple steps to download and install Rashr WhatsApp on your iOS device. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, Goes to App Store, Search for “Fouad WhatsApp,” and Click Install Alternatively. If this app is unavailable in the Apple store, get it directly from, but remember that you will have to give a valid Apple ID and Password while installing Fouad WhatsApp.

Who created Fouad WhatsApp?

Rashr, a young developer with several other applications on the Appstore, created Fouad WhatsApp. Little do we know about him or his intentions behind developing this app. He first came into the limelight when he released Rashr Messenger, which was very popular among iOS users and android ones.

Why isn’t Fouad Whatsapp working on my smartphone? Despite Fouad WhatsApp being one of the most sought-after apps today, some people still have issues with it and cannot seem to get it working even after trying the different methods listed above.

Fouad Whatsapp Apk FAQs

Fouad Whatsapp is a well-known composer, poet, and singer of Urdu ghazal. He was born in Pakistan but now resides, where he has worked since 1977 as a member of the Department of Arabic Language Teaching at Qatar University.

Q 1. How do I add Fouad WhatsApp to Android Homescreen? 

A 1. First, download and install the app on your phone from; you can also get it directly from Apkspure. Then open it and configure your settings if required. Once done, tap on the icon to open an existing contact or create one, enter the details, and send a WhatsApp message on an Android phone.

Q 2. Why isn’t my internet working when I try to use Fouad WhatsApp? 

A 2. For this, you have to check whether your device is rooted, as the app may ask for root permission during installation, which means you’ll need to grant permission before proceeding further.

If you’re using a rooted device, try opening it from the root explorer; if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to uninstall Fouad WhatsApp and reinstall it again. If installation fails, try installing it on a different phone or tablet instead of your PC/Mac.

Q 3. Can’t I find this app on 

A 3. You must be using an old android version; unfortunately, Fouad Whatsapp is not available for download on any pre-Lollipop devices. But you may get it working by following the abovementioned methods to install Fouad WhatsApp manually. Alternatively, use direct Rashr Whatsapp links above and save yourself all the trouble of manual searches and installations.

Q 4. Why didn’t you deliver the message? 

A 4. might happen due to network issues, or a third-party app like Turbo Booster may throttle your internet. You’ll have to contact your service provider for help and troubleshoot the problem yourself. Alternatively, you can also try clearing WhatsApp’s cache and data, reopening it, and sending your message, which should fix the issue.

Q 5: Why isn’t my contact list automatically populated when I open it for the first time?

A 5: It may take a few seconds, depending on how many people are on your contact list and how quickly they respond to the request sent by Rashr WhatsApp. Please be patient and wait for the list to populate.

Why is Fouad Whatsapp not downloading on my phone?

If you’re getting an error while installing Rashr WhatsApp APK on your Android device, uninstall all previous Fouad WhatsApp versions. Before proceeding further, go through these steps: First, check whether you’re using the latest Android version, KitKat 4.4 or more. If not, then update your device; else, try installing it on another phone instead of your PC/Mac.

Step 2:  Uninstall all previously downloaded apps similar to Rashr Whatsapp, like Bandook Apk and Ramdanshare, as they may interfere with installation at this stage and cause failure.

Step 3: Clear cache, if any, by going through Settings>Storage>Cached Data

Step 4:  Clear data, if any, by going through Settings>Apps>WhatsApp and selecting Force Stop, followed by Clear Data

Step 5:  Reboot your Device and give WhatsApp a fresh start; you can boot into Safe Mode by holding down the power button and tapping on the Restart option. Safe Mode will run only those apps necessary for basic phone operations like calling or messaging; apps installed later may not work in safe Mode so avoid using it if possible.

Step 6:  You can also uninstall Fouad WhatsApp from your Android device and reinstall it if nothing seems to be working, as mentioned above. Ensure you have a backup of your contacts saved somewhere else before uninstalling the app. They won’t be there after a fresh install.

Wrapping it up

If Fouad WhatsApp works for you, please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to help you troubleshoot any issues. If not, we hope this post helped you by teaching you the basics of installing apps manually on Android phones under Lollipop and above.

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