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Version 17.10
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Updated November 24, 2022
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GBWhatsApp APK Download is a new WhatsApp Mod Apk version that has been released for Android. It is equipped with a range of extra features that will improve the user experience and make it easier to communicate. The app was designed by Gbteam, who are software developers from Germany. GB WhatsApp provides an interface that resembles Telegram, but with more options and features such as video calling and one-on-one messaging.

is a Mod Apk, which means that it has been designed to improve upon the official WhatsApp app.

Will you have any trouble using GBWhatsApp? It does not take long to learn all about it and get the most out of your phone. Remember that there are always people around who can help you if you need assistance with anything. If you’re still having problems, then feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

GBWhatsApp APK

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Version: Latest

Updated: Nov. 22, 2022

The app is compatible with Android phones that run on the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions. It will also work on phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, however, the user experience may be slightly degraded.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp apk is designed to increase the functionality and responsiveness of the official WhatsApp app. It has also been designed to bring new features, such as enhanced video calling. Other added functions will help you use your phone more efficiently.

The app is a Mod Apk that builds upon the functionality of the official WhatsApp app. It has been designed to improve the user experience greatly by providing new and improved features. The following are some of these added functions and features.


Easily switch between two accounts simultaneously for both sending and receiving messages (this feature has only been released on Android phones so far) Share more than ten photos at once without having to upgrade your plan Send videos up to 1 Gb in file size through your phone’s Internet connection Record or stream live videos from your phone Easily manage mass conversations Update your status regularly Use GIFs as emojis Check out trending news stories No ads Messages that you send from GBWhatsApp will not be counted towards your monthly data allowance

GBWhatsApp also does not require root access to function, which means you can use it on almost any Android phone. If you don’t want to use root access, there is an alternative option called Link2SD. While using this method lessens the possibility of installation errors, the performance and functionality of the GB WhatsApp app won’t be enhanced. It is designed for rooted/unlocked phones only.

What are some of its main features? Can I stream live video from my phone? One of the most exciting features of GBWhatsApp Apk 2018 is the ability to record or stream live videos directly through your Internet connection.

What is WhatsApp Mod Apk

GBWhatsApp Apk Download is a new WhatsApp Mod Apk version released for Android. It has a range of extra features that will improve the user experience and make communication easier. The app was designed by Gbteam, who are software developers from Germany.

GB WhatsApp provides an interface that resembles Telegram but with more options and features such as video calling and one-on-one messaging. It is a Mod Apk, which has been designed to improve the official WhatsApp app.

Will you have any trouble using the WhatsApp mod apk? Learning about it and getting the most out of your phone does not take long. Remember that there are always people around who can help you if you need assistance. If you still have problems, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

The app is compatible with Android phones that run on the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later versions. It will also work on phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, however, the user experience may be slightly degraded.

GB WhatsApp Apk Features

GBWhatsApp apk offers some unique features, as well as those taken from other messaging apps, that are unique to the app alone. Some of these features include the following –

1) Selective Contact Sync allows you to decide precisely which contact details can be shown when a profile picture is available.

2) Choose your Status Style from options such as Online Only, Available Offline/Online, Away, or always show online status (if you have an online connection).

3) Edit message text directly in Shared Media’s preview window without opening the chat screen and sending it again by mistake (new feature). Be careful doing this because it can cause a complicated mess.


4) Hide the date of messages (new feature)

5) Customise your colors and themes in Settings to make the app look awesome. Try going Black & Dark Mode for a different experience.

6) See when your contacts were last active on their Whatsapp profile – very useful if you are waiting to get in touch with someone or trying to get hold of them urgently! (New Feature)  NB: This doesn’t work on some phones yet, but it will soon enough.

7) Organize your Contacts into groups, making it easier to organize large lists of friends and family into sections. The groups also have their names so you can remember who is where easily. You can even specify a “Primary” Contacts group, which you will see first when opening the app.

8) Create your custom filters for group and contact list management – have separate tabs to show only VIPs, groups, etc. This is a massive time saver that allows you to get on with life without being distracted by all of your WhatsApp messages! ( New Feature )

9) Activate night mode in Settings so the background turns black and white while using this app to deter eyestrain overnight or during long usage periods (New Feature).

10)WhatsApp web browser directly from within this app so you can seamlessly continue conversations from one device to another. (copy and paste full links into the mobile browser site if needed).

11) Search for any contacts, groups, and messages on your phone to quickly get around this app.

12) View entire contact details easily from within this App instead of having to scroll down Facebook or Google+ profiles (new feature)

13) You can send pictures via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) if you don’t have a data connection or use Whatsapp’s native picture compression algorithms that compress images with fewer visual artifacts compared to JPGs at similar file sizes (New Feature).

14) Back up all of the media on your devices, such as videos, photos, and voice notes which are usually otherwise not backed up by WhatsApp, directly into your device’s local storage.

15) Share and transfer any kind of media files between devices with ease using Whatsapp’s built-in file-sharing features.

Read the rest of the features below

16) Send video messages to groups as well as individuals. This allows you to communicate while away from your computer/laptop/tablet (New Feature). You can also send high-quality audio messages, which can help hearing-impaired users.

17) WhatsApp Web API support – got a website? You can now get invites directly to your site so people can sign up without having to visit the official WhatsApp site, reducing server load and increasing the speed at which new members join your service

18) Change the app icon, user picture, and even your name and profile description in seconds

19) Create custom images for individual chats. Just tap the app icon, then Chat Settings-Change Theme, to select a new background image for each chat. (New Feature).

20) Unlike most apps that re-use user pictures from Facebook or Google+ or other social media sites, this app allows you to upload custom images of any size you choose so you can show off the latest haircut or make a fashion statement with your choice of clothes.

GBWhatsApp apk

21) Save bandwidth by enabling WhatsApp’s optional lossy image compression algorithm which produces smaller file sizes without significantly reducing quality – enabling higher resolution sharing with less impact on data plans (can be changed in Settings.

22) Send any file type – music, videos, documents, application packages, and more.

23) Redirect to another WhatsApp user when typing in a long phone number to call or SMS. Type a few digits of the phone number you want, then tap on the proposed contact name for an easy way to call via WhatsApp without leaving your current screen (new feature).

24) Immediately take notes about important information while it is fresh in your mind with quick voice note recordings. You can also easily store these transcribed notes with custom titles and dividers so they may be quickly retrieved later (New Feature).

25) Import all messages from the stock messaging app directly into this app over the existing SIM card – no need to stare at multiple windows at once.

26) Use WhatsApp Web on your PC or Mac to send and receive messages (desktop view of mobile app content – PC Requirements).

27) Create groups for the following purposes: school/college/university, work, team sports, hobby groups, etc.  

The limit is not set by this app but rather by the phone’s ability to maintain multiple open chat sessions at once based upon actual connection speed etc. This is a great tool for real-time communication with others and broadcast messaging services (a new feature). You can search any group in seconds using the search bar when you need to find conversations quickly without scrolling through hundreds of previous chats in other chat logs.

28) Share your location live while chatting so you can guide your conversation partner to your exact location – no more need for non-specific ‘are you near me’ messages!

GB WhatsApp

29) All media files and attachments are compatible with other messaging clients such as BBM, Kik, etc. This means that if a recipient uses another messaging service, they will still be able to receive your file attachment or listen/watch the audio/video recordings you send through WhatsApp (New Feature).

Send all types of files including videos, pictures, music, documents, etc. without any size restrictions! Unlike other apps which impose limits on file sizes and quality based on file type, this app does not place any limits at all on media files which makes it very useful for sharing large-sized video clips among many people with limited data plans on expensive monthly plans (New Feature).

30) Protect your private conversations with end-to-end encryption, passcode lock, and self-destructing messages which vanish without a trace once they have been read.  All chats in the app are fully encrypted using an advanced ECDH 256-bit symmetric encryption algorithm and RSA 4096 public-private keypair to keep them safe from hackers, identity theft, and eavesdropping at all times (New Feature).

How to Use GBWhatsApp?

Note: According to XDA Senior Member, your contacts must also be using GBWhatsApp Beta for your old chats to appear. These instructions are similar for both rooted and non-rooted devices. There is an updated version of GBWhatsApp that supports OTA updates.

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The first thing to do is to uninstall the official WhatsApp application. This will allow the new APK file for this app to install properly. Make sure to disable “auto-update” so that you don’t repeatedly install the official WhatsApp update. If auto-update is enabled, your device will reinstall the old/official WhatsApp on top of the GBWhatsApp Beta after uninstalling.

1) Download GBWhatsApp from here. (I have a Nexus 4 with KitKat so I am downloading the latest release, which at the time of writing

2) Open up the file manager with root explorer and the GB WhatsApp app.

3) now navigate where you have downloaded the GBWhatsApp APK file (ex:/sdcard ). Copy the APK file into /system/app using a file manager with root capabilities.

4) Open up the “APK Installer” application on your device, and select the newly copied APK file to install it using “File Manager”.

5) Reboot your device (required).

How’s The Performance?

After installing GB WhatsApp I’ve noticed that my overall performance has increased drastically – especially when scrolling through chats or images of large size. No ads or annoying notifications are popping up on my screen, and everything feels much faster than the official WhatsApp version.

More to Come?

GBWhatsApp is an excellent alternative to the original app that could be useful for many users around the globe who would like better features such as end-to-end encryption. It’s fast and feature-rich — so why not try it out yourself? (In case you need it – there is a link to GBWhatsApp 2.12 Beta in the video description below.

Requirements for GB WhatsApp App

Description GB WhatsApp App is a mod of the official WhatsApp application that has been optimized to work on all android phones including low-end devices.

The app allows you to send and receive encrypted messages; it supports dual sim smartphones and flash messaging which can be helpful for many people around the globe since in most countries, there are restrictions imposed on this type of application by local governments (e.g., US, China). Moreover, non-rooted users will benefit from using flash messaging without undergoing complicated modifications such as changing Google Play Services APK files or rooting their device just to use it.

Android version: Android 4.0 .x Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.4 KitKat

Features: Intuitive UI 

Better, simple, and more stable design for chat lists. The group icon is now shown in the top bar on group chats as well as the option to change the color of a conversation has been added so you can tell between regular chats and group chats right away. Advance messages swipe gestures have been implemented – left/right swipe (to forward/delete) without waiting for the animation to finish or tapping too early. Message forwarding can be done by using a long press on any message Conversations load instantly

Flash messaging 

You no longer have to wait up to 2 minutes to send images with flash messaging, When this feature is enabled, your device will temporarily store all media files on its SD card to send later. 

This feature is currently available only for Android 4.4 KitKat users and has been tested on Nexus devices only (however, it might work with other Android phones that run stock ROMs – but I cannot guarantee it). Please note that Flash messaging might not be compatible with every application or game, so please use it at your own risk.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

GBWhatsApp is now available for iPhone users as well, You can download it from here, and the application works perfectly fine on jailbroken iPhones. A video tutorial below shows step-by-step instructions on how to install GBWhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp mod is not available for iOS users
  2. There is not yet a WhatsApp mod for iOS devices, but here’s to hoping that someone makes one soon since many people (iPhone users) would love to have all the features of GB WhatsApp on their devices.
  3. You can download GB WhatsApp for iPhone from here, and a video tutorial for installing it is included further below.
  4. GBWhatsApp on iOS (Jailbroken Only) Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone from here. The installation process is relatively simple and you can do it independently. However, if you wish to install GB WhatsApp with the help of a video tutorial.

How to Back Up Your Chat History

1. Download HiBitSync. It’s a free app that lets you schedule automatic backups of your files, contacts, and other relevant information.

2. After downloading the application, run it and hit “Next“.

3. On the next screen, select “WhatsApp chat“. You can add more sources to back up if you want by tapping on the “Select More” button. You can back up your chat history by selecting “Text and chats“.

4. Hit the blue arrow to confirm.

5. Ensure both options (continue running after phone reboots and launch during boot) are checked, then hit “Next”.

6. You can choose where you want to save the backup. For example, on your Dropbox account or your SD card if it’s available (I’d recommend backing up everything to your SD card).

7. Once the process is complete, hit “Done”.

8. Exit HiBitSync and rerun GBWhatsApp to verify that your chat history has been saved.

GBWhatsApp Mod v17.00 Changelog

Contact Us Section Improvements (Many users have reported that they were unable to contact us through the “Report a bug” button since it was set up to use Google services) Theme color status bar instead of white Add animation when scrolling down the chat list Swipe left to delete message Bug fixes and general improvements

A big thank you to everyone who reported a bug or an issue and helped us improve GBWhatsApp! We appreciate it.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. You can also report bugs by using the “Report a bug” option that can be found on the app’s Settings screen.

Don’t forget to follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp?

1. GBWhatsApp is a third-party application, and the developers have not released it on Google Play Store because many restrictions prevent users from downloading this mod. 

2.  So, to get the latest version of the app on your Android phone, you will have to download it from a third-party site. If you are using an Android 4.4 KitKat device with root privileges, then you can easily install the app by following the steps below:

3. Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp here.

4. Unzip the file.

5. Copy the .apk file to your phone’s SD card. (Make sure that you don’t move it to any folder). 

6. Now, go to Settings->Security and enable the Unknown sources option (if this is the first time you’re enabling this option on your device, a warning message will pop up).

GBWhatsApp install

7. Find the GBWhatsApp file you copied to your SD card and click on it to install it on your phone.

8. After the installation, open the app, enter your credentials (if you’re new to the app), and enjoy all of its features. 


If you are using an Android device with an Android version that is lower than 4.4 KitKat, then you’ll have to downgrade it to download GB WhatsApp on your device because Android doesn’t allow any installation of third-party apps outside the Google Play Store.

GB WhatsApp Apk FAQs

If you love the official Android app of GB WhatsApp and use it daily, but want to download some cool features that aren’t available in the default application, then you should consider installing this mod. It comes with a lot of new options and significant visual changes that can make your chat experience even better than before

Can I use GBWhatsApp with my regular WhatsApp account?

The answer is no if you are using an Android phone and want to download the app. This app can only work alongside a backup of your WhatsApp chat history. If you don’t have such a backup yet, you should do it before installing this application.

Why should I download GB WhatsApp if there are so many other mods for WhatsApp?

As already mentioned, GBWhatsApp has many unique features that aren’t available in any other mod, but users like to get the best out of their applications and will always try to find newer options. For this reason, it makes sense to download this mod and see if it’s better than the other alternatives.

How can I install GB WhatsApp on my Android phone?

If you are using an Android device that’s running an operating system version lower than 4.4 KitKat, you’ll have to downgrade your OS first because the official version of WhatsApp has no mod. After you install the app, you can start using it as your default chat app.

If I uninstall GB WhatsApp, will my chat history be deleted?

No, your conversations will remain safe even if you remove this application from your phone. The only thing that might happen is that you will have to reinstall it if you want to use your old chat history again.

How can I uninstall GBWhatsApp from my Android phone?

If you want to delete this app from your device, then all you have to do is go through Settings and click on ‘Apps’. Find GB WhatsApp in the list of your apps and tap on it. Now, you will be asked if you want to uninstall the application, click on ‘Uninstall’ and that’s all.

How do I back up my chat history before installing GB WhatsApp?

If you already have a Google account that is linked to your phone number, then you’re set. Just open WhatsApp and click on Menu -> Settings. You’ll find the option to make a backup of your chat history or even see when your last backup was made. If you don’t have such an account yet, you should create one on the official site as soon as possible.

Can I use GB WhatsApp with other languages?

You should check out this page if you want to know how to translate GB WhatsApp into your language. After you download the app, follow the instructions on that page and change all of the English texts into your desired language.

How do I install GB WhatsApp on my Windows Phone?

If you want to have GB WhatsApp on your Windows Phone, you only need a compatible device. This app will be able to run on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile as well as all future OS versions that are yet to come out.


You should know that this mod can’t be used on received messages, media files, or other WhatsApp attachments. It’s also not compatible with a lot of other mods that are out there. You must uninstall all such apps from your phone if you want GB WhatsApp to work correctly. Otherwise, it will stop functioning and you’ll have to reinstall it.

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