GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download (Best Collection)

I am blogging about GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download because they are a great way to make your phone look unique. The best part is that there is no risk involved in choosing one of the many available themes; all you have to do is uninstall it if you don’t like it. Please continue reading to learn more about how GB WhatsApp Themes function and some of my favorites.

The first thing you will need to do is download the GBWhatsApp installer. This application you can download from GBPLUSYO.COM allows you to use WhatsApp with your custom themes. Once the app has been installed, you will have a whole new interface and features that allow you to change your theme Also Check out WhatsApp Mix Apk quickly.

GBWhatsApp Themes Free

The next step is to download a theme. Some free ones are available, but I recommend going with a paid one if you want the best experience possible. The reason why it’s so hard to find GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download is that they aren’t initially intended for Android smartphones – they are customized for the iPhone.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them with your Android phone once downloaded. All you have to do is activate them (and if you’re worried about any viruses or whatnot, don’t worry, there are any threats).

Below is the download button to download WhatsApp. You have to go to the download page, click on the button, then you will be able to complete the WhatsApp download on the third download button followed by two download buttons.

What is GBWhatsApp Themes Free

GBWhatsApp themes are free to download and can be used to change the appearance of your WhatsApp. Themes allow you to customize the colors, stickers, backgrounds, fonts, etc., in WhatsApp’s settings menu. Many articles focus on making your chat more personal with features like changing the color scheme or adding custom wallpapers for different occasions (holidays).

In addition, many themes are free, providing you with a new interface that will make your phone more fun. The best part is choosing the pieces you like (and remember to turn off your network when downloading).

Themes work like iOS – you can add and remove chat backgrounds to create your perfect color scheme. You need to go into the WhatsApp settings, choose pieces and press apply.

GBWhatsApp Themes Features

Many people like to personalize their smartphones and make them their own. GBWhatsApp Themes is a new app that allows you to do just that. It lets you change the theme of your WhatsApp chat’s background, with over 20 different themes for you to choose from.

GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download

You can also set an animated GIF as the chat’s wallpaper or select a picture from your camera roll as the chat background. This app will surely fit any personality type with so many options available.

High in the Sky

This theme has a cloud background and aims to make you feel happy. It’s perfect for your chat wallpaper because it will remind you of the sky – you can even change the color to suit your mood.

Shining Rose

If grey isn’t your style, this rose-colored chat background is perfect for an alternative look. You can also change its opacity to look natural on top of your phone’s wallpaper.

WhatsApp Themes With Pictures

These themes are all about adding pictures to give your chat more character. There are various ways to do it.

What if you want something subtle, like adding flowers? Or maybe you prefer to make everything pink with hearts! Either way, there are many options available in this category; all you have to do is choose the one that will make your chat pop.

WhatsApp Themes With Stickers

If you are tired of plain colors, try adding some stickers. These themes will give you cute smileys and other images, so your cat isn’t dull. You can even change their color to suit your new article.

Fun Theme – Animal Faces

This is perfect for people who love animals or use emojis. It has different animal faces and other unique emojis that will kick your chat! And if you’re not sure what someone means by sending an emoji, follow it with the emoji detective.


This unique theme makes your chat look like a slice of toast! It’s perfect for creating that breakfast mood and can also be used as a clean wallpaper.

If you’re looking to change the appearance of your WhatsApp with something fun, this is it – we promise you won’t get bored with these themes on your phone! But if you want something more serious, check out our last free article.


This is the perfect wallpaper for those who like a more severe and gothic style. If skulls aren’t entirely your thing, we also have other dark themes that may interest you, such as angels and crosses (perfect if your significant other drags you to church).

PRO KEY of GBWhatsApp Themes

  • NO ADS
  • GBWhatsApp MOD (Hide the Above + Force to show profile pic or hide it)
  • 31 emoji + Emoji MOD (select/unselect all)
  • Smoke like Teen Spirit
  • Transparent Launcher for GBWhatsApp with 2.5D
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Theme for GBWhatsApp
  • Like my Facebook page on Facebook
  • GB Whats mod (31 emoji + Emoji MOD (select/unselect all)
  • Pirate mode for GBWhatsApp
  • Like my Facebook page on Facebook

Best WhatsApp Themes Free Download For Android

There’s no need to download the Best Whatsapp Theme Free version to get these features; the only reason GBWhatsApp was created was that WhatsApp didn’t give developers access to change certain things.


However, now developers can, so there’s no need for GBWhatsApp anymore. Be sure to update your WhatsApp to the latest version and enjoy these fantastic customization possibilities.

And enjoy our themes with all kinds of styles.

Step 1. Open your GBWhatsApp > Click on Theme > Then choose your new theme

(How to apply themes in GBWhatsapp)

Step 2. Go back and refresh WhatsApp (For an automatic change of theme effect)

If you did not see the latest styles follow these steps.

Go To Themes> UPDATE CHECK. You will get all the latest themes.

How to delete GB WhatsApp themes?

GB WhatsApp themes are the latest trend. Everyone is downloading these GB WhatsApp themes and trying to discover how to delete them. But, what they do not know is that you cannot delete the GBWhatsApp theme once you have downloaded it on your phone. This blog post will tell you how to get rid of GBWhatsapp Theme forever.

!. Since GBWhatsapp themes are downloaded on the data/internal storage of your phone, to delete them, you have to go to settings>apps>GBWhatsapp>show system> then clear the data of GB WhatsApp.

2. After you open GB Whatsapp, it will ask for a reinstall and install.

3. Now install GB WhatsApp from the play store and follow steps 1-2 again precisely as I have mentioned.

4. After this, if you open GB Whatsapp, it will not ask for reinstalling the GBWhatsApp theme and will return to its normal state.

5. Now, you can install any of the GBWhatsApp themes and enjoy them.

Note: As you have done a factory reset or cleared data in step 1, your contacts will be deleted, so it is necessary to take a backup of all the connections.


I hope you guys have liked these GB WhatsApp themes, but I have only one question do you think that these will increase the likes on your status and photos? Because it is the magic of the GBWhatsApp..!

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