What is APK and OBB (Updated Guide)

Any Android app is distributed as an Application Package file in the form of APK and that can be installed on mobile devices. It contains all the required binaries that run on Android devices. An APK file is sometimes referred to as a .apk file or .apk extension.

Install APK File

It’s similar to the .zip archive format in that it is used to package and compress files for transmission or storage.

In this article, I want to discuss what is apk file is and what an open source license it has.

How to Install APK File on Android?

It’s pretty easy to install APK files on Android phones and tablets. Just follow these steps to get them on your device:

1. Enable the Unknown Sources option in Settings > Security.

2. Copy the APK file to your device’s SD card or internal storage.

3. Open the Downloads folder on your Android device to locate the APK file.

4. Tap the APK file to install it. You’ll see “Install” or “Installing” on the button, depending on your device.

5. If you get a notification from Android, tap “Install.” Otherwise, open the app drawer and tap the new app.

What Does APK Mean?

The abbreviation APK is short for the Android application package file. An APK is a file format used to distribute application software and other digital assets for Android-based devices. It’s similar to a .exe or .dmg file download on PC. Nobody knows for sure where the term APK comes from, but it stands for Android Package Kit – Aquila Packed Kit.

These are the files that make up an android app and help to display the application on your mobile devices. The APK file format is used on other platforms, such as BlackBerry and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

APK means Android Package (Application) File. It is the file format used to distribute and install applications on the Android platform.

APK file is a zip archive that contains application resources, assets (like images, libraries, etc), and source code files. These files are compressed using a gzip or Microsoft zip-compatible compressor.

APK file can be installed on an Android mobile device by copying it into the device’s storage and then allowing the user to install it from there.

APK is a type of android application package, which is actually a zip archive containing data, assets, and AndroidManifest.xml

APK file can not be installed on Windows or iOS.

APK is mostly used on Android and is one of the most security risk-associated files.

APK contains codes, it must be signed by the same certificate that is used by the app. Since

Android does not have any restriction to the certificate that can sign a package, attackers can use the self-signed certificate and distribute fake apps via Google Play Store.

To identify the difference between malware and an innocent-looking application, mobile threat researchers use static code analysis tools such as APK Injection, Jax, or BinDiff. These tools carry out decompilation of the application’s APK file and then compare it with a clean version of the same application.

APK file is the installation package for Google Android apps. This is a zip archive that contains all resources, assets, and Java source code files for Android applications.


In this article, we talked about what is apk file is and what it contains. We also discussed that how to install apk files on android. We have also discussed what open source license does it use. In future articles, we will discuss more apk files and how to protect them from getting corrupted.

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