WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp plus apk is an excellent app for unlimited conversations over messages and audio and video calls. It is the easiest way to communicate with friends, family and clients far from your reach. The app is designed with advanced technology that offers many features.

Version: 17.30 Size: 56MB Features: Auto reply and more Updated: 01 March 2023

Thus, you can chat with distant friends, add animations, download new stickers, change your background screen, switch to dark or light mode, make your account private, run a business, drop templates and more. Hence, there is ample space for customization in the app and you don’t need to pay for it because the mod version doesn’t demand high charges.

In this application, you can change the settings to hide your online visibility. Additionally, there is another option in which you can hide your last activation time and control the number of people who will be able to see your status. 

WhatsApp Plus

So, it is very satisfying for shy people who want to remain in their shells. This app can serve to call services with HD quality, and you can stream it anywhere worldwide without glitches. Also there are audio calling and recording features for comfortable communication.

About the WhatsApp Plus

Have you ever heard about IMO and zoom? You must have used them as well in the past when WhatsApp Plus was not discovered. So, many customers used these separate apps in a significant ratio, but the quality of these apps was not good enough.

Thus, there was a need for an excellent quality app with top features and alternatives. Therefore, YOWhatsApp was invented and it did a great job. Trillions of users around the globe use this app. It is considered the top communication service with easy-to-use functionality.

So, the original version is still the same, but they keep updating stickers, emojis and some other minor features. In recent times, a need has been encountered by several developers. Thus, the market was for premium features missing in the app.

Many developers started developing several apps for saving status, long videos, audio notes, etc. Hence, users had to download a separate app for different purposes. Now they don’t have to do this anymore because the WAPlus apk has everything built in and a mixture of all the apps with unlocked pro modes.

Pro Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk

Many users were anxiously waiting for this section. We know your needs and demands. Thus, we bring what you ask, and here is the complete guide about the features of this pro version on WhatsApp Plus Apk. The parts are perfectly updated, keeping in mind the core problem of the users.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform

Do you know about the term multilingual? Maybe you don’t know about this term, but we are here to inform you of everything. So, the first thing we are here to reveal about this app’s features is its multilingual characteristics. You can use this app in various regions worldwide as it supports all languages. Thus, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in because this app allows you to choose your specific language. In this way, this mod app makes communication more accessible.

Drop Greeting and Away Messages

Drop Greeting

So, it is another epic feature for the users as most are professionals, entrepreneurs or workers. They don’t have enough time to instantly reply to contacts or other clients. Therefore, the app has developed a system in which you can leave a quick reply for the sender. Thus, the auto-generated message helps you to greet or respond to them instantly, even when you are far from your phone. This is the best feature added in this century because the hustle is real and there was a dire need for an excellent solution to the problem.

Product Catalogue


This one is the most functional and productive feature for businesses. The app is accurately developed to support all users. So, here is the best category for entrepreneurs who run their businesses through WhatsApp orders. Thus, with the help of the app version, you can add your product catalog from where the customers can choose the desired product. You can also drop the payment method and the total amount of the bill. It all has become possible with this precious app and you cannot deny its power.

Advertise your products

Advertise your products

It is possible to run an entire business on WhatsApp plus app by setting up a business profile. The app is created to support the growth of your products and companies. Thus, connecting them through the app allows you to sell products through online advertisements on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, you can also generate ads and other traffic-drawn purposes to promote sales. Multiple factors affect your business, and this app helps you to complete all the requirements to boost growth.

Add Description

You know the importance of a description on a business website or profile. So, this mod app is also enabling you to grow your enterprises. Thus, it can become possible with the help of the product and your business profile description. On this app, you can use the feature where you will put a brief introduction to your profile and products. Therefore, this way helps you to access more customers with an accurate description of your services. This feature is not available in the basic version.

Add Audio Recording on Status

Audio Recording

Recently, the voice feature was added and found to be the most successful. There are millions of positive reviews about this feature. Audio recording status is not even now possible for the regular version users. Therefore, if you want to upgrade, you must install this mod apk app. Moreover, there is a specific length restriction under which you can put a status, but you don’t have to follow any rules here. You can enjoy unlimited status sharing, recording, and downloading without security risks.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Plus Apk

You will find WhatsApp plus apk the most useful one among all others now. So, if we talk about why customers prefer this plus version over the other, there are many. You will find its interface elegant and the display simple to understand. Furthermore, the app has minimal details, which makes it worth experiencing. You will love the stock of avatars and animations here, which you can use for several purposes. Let’s have a quick review of these reasons.



Display in the mod version is intuitive but straightforward to make this app more functional. The app has the best theme stock and can download from the main browser. The app has a feature in which you can change the background of this app. You can use your photo or your friend’s as wallpaper. Hence, this app is far fancier than the previous ones and attracts youngsters.

Support tools

Support tools

The supporting tools for business here come under the top features of this application. If you are an entrepreneur, then you will love these tools. So, these tools help you create a business profile with a description, product catalog, auto-generated reply mode, and many more things. Thus, this is the perfect platform to grow your business and sales. In this regard, you can develop a complete enterprise setup without creating a separate business app for marketing purposes. You can quickly contact and deal with clients, customers, and business partners here.


You might have heard that the modded version is unsafe for use. Let me tell you that here in this app, there’s no risk of privacy invasion. You can enjoy the app and its features without worrying about privacy or security. Thus, the app is built with cutting-edge technology that offers the best safety features. The risk of malware and bugs is negligible in this app. Hence, focusing on its productive use would be best because it is 100% safe.

User Guide for Download WhatsApp Plus App Process

This guide will tell you about the complete process of the download. It is straightforward, but you should take steps to confirm a smooth download.

Version 17.30
Features Many features
Updated1 day ago

Step 1

Open your android browser and check the internet connection first. So, you should have WiFi or a good data server. Then, you should go to google search and type the app’s name. You will find the app in a few seconds.

Step 2

Now, when there are multiple websites before you, you should select the official one. Thus, the website will be full of content and you must dig out its mod link. Hence, keep searching and looking up the actual link.

Step 3

When you find the link, don’t forget to check the authenticity. Therefore, click the link and read the description and the features. We can also provide you with the mod link for your ease.

Step 4

Now click on the link and tap on the download button. There will be a time limit under which the download starts automatically. You have to wait for a while till the download process is complete.

Step 5

Once the download is finished, you can install the app. The method to install the app is easy. What you need to do is open the app and select install. Additionally, keep this thing in mind to change the setting before tapping the install button.

WhatsApp Plus App

Important Note: You can also download this app from the play store for android phones. The process is simple and the same for the play store as well. So, open Gbplusyo.com, search with name and click download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my status in this plus version?

Of course, you can hide your status, your last seen and your online status. There are multiple options available here for your facility. Additionally, you can turn on airplane mode to not get disturbed by others.

Does this app support ads?

No, you will not experience any unpleasant experiences here. So, the app is completely free from unwanted ads, and you will never see them here. The app is appropriately developed to give a smooth functional experience to users. These ads are a complete waste of time for those who remain particular about their work schedule. 

Do I need to buy a subscription for this app?

You don’t have to buy the app or any other subscription. This app is free to use, and they don’t demand any further charges. You can also enjoy this on various platforms without downloading any supporting app.

Can I create groups in this version?

Yes, you can create unlimited groups in this version. Furthermore, here is some good news for you all. The app allows you to add more than 600 people to the group chat, which is impossible in the basic version. Thus, it is a more awesome app and offers unlimited, straightforward approaches.

Overall Remarks

On the whole, WhatsApp plus apk is the top-selling app till now. This is the most competitive app, with about 100 differentiation categories. You can use the app for fun, entertainment, informal communication, and business. In addition, the app is created using modern technology features, which helps you a lot in many areas. There are several functions that this app performs to enhance your business growth.

Moreover, you can also sell your products and create a separate catalog for products. What else can you wish for when a simple mod app gives you so much margin? Don’t go for any other app and get this one now. To know more about the premium mod apps, contact our site. Soon, we will drop another excellent content category you will love the most.

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