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Here you will be able to download Yo WhatsApp apk for free, as it is an official website, more features than that have been provided; you can hydrate the status online and replenish, along with status videos can also download images, a lot of options you will get.

Version: 9.65 Size: 57 App by: Yousef Al-Basha Updated: 1 day ago

In this context, I will tell you about Yo WhatsApp Apk. It is the modded version of the original WhatsApp. You will explore here the best qualities and functions of this new version. So, it is better to use because it offers more unlocked features than the previous one. Many other services make this app premium for use. The app is also built with trusted technologies that keep your data secure. Hence, there will be no security risk while using this latest mod application as the Cybercrime rate is very high these days.


You will love to know that Yo WhatsApp is updated to help those who are professionals. Moreover, it is also the best app for normal users. You can share unlimited videos, pictures, music and much more. So, this is the best way of communication in and out of the country. The app allows users to detect calls, delete messages, freeze messages, pin chats, customize modes, remove tags, and more. Furthermore, it gives you access to the auto-reply mode, the most used option in the app until now.

About the YoWhatsApp Apk

Today the most important way of communication is through social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. So, these apps keep updating their features and working modes to make them more efficient for the users. In recent times the wave came in and everyone used to add extra apps for several features missing in the original versions. Thus, this also happened with WhatsApp and people kept installing Whatsapp apk with various status-saving apps. Developers seriously noticed the issue and invented the mod version.

Yo WhatsApp Apk

Since we are talking about social apps then, WhatsApp ranks number one. It is the fastest and easiest way to remain in contact with friends. Thus, keeping its importance in mind, the developers created this Yo version to improve various features lacking in the original app. Hence, here you can enjoy the status saver, deleted messages, secret conversations, privacy options and much more. It is better than any other app and allows you more accessibility. With that said, it is easy to install for multiple devices also.

Features of Yo WhatsApp Apk

Yo WhatsApp apk provides the top features in their 2023 model, making the connection easier for the world. So, before downloading the app, you should know about the unlocked modes of this app. The app will bring facilities for you in many ways and these facilitated features are listed below. Let us find out more about these latest characteristics to know more about them.

App lock


This is the first feature I will explain in this app and is also the most important. Thus, in Yo updated version, you will get the app lock features. Therefore, you can lock this app with a pin code or password. It helps you in securing private data and chats. Thus, no one can access the data and you can enjoy stress-free communication services.

Remain offline


Are you sick of irrelevant talks and discussions? Many people love to waste their time and chat without any purpose. So, you must avoid such people if you are a busy professional. Thus, in this app, you can hide from online audiences. This app allows you to remain offline even while keeping yourself online. Hence, it helps you chat over professional talk or with your favorite person without being caught online by the unwanted audience.

Download your friend’s status


In the previous app, the user couldn’t download friends’ statuses. So, in this Yo WhatsApp mod you can enjoy the unlimited download of the friend or family status. Now you can enjoy their status and make them your own after downloading. Thus, you don’t have to install an extra app on your phone to save status. It helps do multiple tasks on a single platform without creating any mess.

Customize Typing


These mod apps with premium features come with the best customer offers. So, here is another top offer that will make your communication more interesting. Thus, this app allows you to download customized typing stickers and fonts. In this way, you can add your typing styles in various ways to make the chat more aesthetic with your loved ones. You will also love the interface that keeps the audience hooked by offering facilities.

Bold and highlight sentences


In YoWhatsApp apk 2023 version, you can bold the important sentences. Usually, while chatting with your clients, you must emphasize some points. Since these points should be highlighted or bold to capture the other person’s attention, this app allows you to bold or highlight important sentences. Hence, there is a wide range of facilities for the users in this version and you can make your experience worthwhile.

Optimized for Professionals


Additionally, the app is optimized for professionals, and the custom mode makes it easier for entrepreneurs. Businesses can use the app to create the customized template of professional profiles and put the auto-reply generator mode there. This way, you will find it easy to deal with clients and connect with them using this YOWA mod version. Thus, please don’t underestimate the power of this app and try it now.

Share Limitless Videos


This WhatsApp in mod version has a feature that allows users to share an unrestricted number and length of videos. You can share the videos and audio as well. In addition to this, it is possible to share long video status and audio records on your status. This would be more fun, and even in group chats, you can share more than 500 videos with your friends.

How is Yo WhatsApp Apk More Functional than the Original WhatsApp?

Do you want the best app for chatting with your friends and contacting them through audio or video calling services? If yes, don’t rush anywhere else because here you will find the finest app in the market right now. I am talking about Yo WhatsApp, the updated version with an unlocked subscription offer. Thousands of people are switching from their original version to this mod version due to more features.

So, nowadays, the digital arena is dominating. Everyone is converting their work or professional tasks to online mode. Thus, this app is a complete blessing for those who cannot afford the expensive app that demands a large amount of money for subscriptions. The app never takes your money but offers unlimited bundles of joy. Therefore, this mod apk app is the best for all users and you can use this app as a business platform.

Some Additional Mod Features of YoWhatsApp Apk

You must have discovered the above-mentioned prime features of this YoWhatsApp Apk. Now it is time to discover some additional features that are newly added in the version. Have a quick look at the new list.

Offer watermark


Watermarks are the sign of samples, confidential documents, or others that are put in to keep the files secure from any bad access. So, with this mod app, you can enjoy this watermark service not present in any other app.

Remove tags


You can delete tags like forwarded messages and many others from the text while sending the same message to another person in your contact list.

Recover chats


You can back up your deleted data or chats using backup features that this mod version allows. In the previous one, complete recovery was not possible.

Custom highlighted quotes


You can take wisdom quotes and updates to put on status. This app offers a daily quote to users to keep them motivated.

Avatars or Animations


In the world, the metaverse is dominating in all areas. So, YoWhatsApp is offering custom avatars or animations that you can use for various purposes.

Lock-screen mode


You can keep your app locked with a code and even the inside gallery of the app with another code. The app lock can be used for all chats and some important ones.

What are the Directions to Download Yo WhatsApp Apk?

It is a simple and easy method to download the Yo WhatsApp Apk for your mobile. You will get the app easily from your internet browser. Additionally, the app allows easy access to all devices and doesn’t take much time to download. You have to find out the mod version of this app and continue to download it until it saves on your phone. Moreover, you can also do the same by going to the play store. There are many options available to download the app in seconds.

Version 9.65
App byYousef Al-Basha
Category Social
Requires Android4.2 and up
FeaturesMany features
Updated1 day ago

Now start the process by going to google and searching the app using its name. Don’t forget to type the full name and write a free download afterward. So, when you get the results, it’s time to open the first website and search for the download link. You can also go to gbplusyo.com for an easy download without searching for any link. Thus, when you find the link, start the download without wasting more time. Now, wait for the download process to complete and open after this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I download this mod app?

You should if you are satisfied with the features and functions. The article is about this Yo Whatsapp apk; you can get all the information here. So, read the complete content and decide what you want. It is a good app to install as it offers multiple facilities in a single place without cost.

Is it available for free on all platforms?

Yes, you can install the app without any particular fees. This is the unlocked version; you can say it is a cracked file. So you don’t need to stress about the pricing. You have to focus on the fact that the premium version is also available, which can cost you a lot of money. So, always choose the cheaper option; you should download this one for free.

Can I find this app on the GBplusyo?

The app is available on the play store and can be downloaded from there. It is also available on the official site and many other websites promoting its mod link. So, download it from wherever you find it easy.

What is the method to save the app on the phone?

The method is explained in the download section. So, you can read it from there but let me tell you that it is so simple. You have to change some privacy settings to install the app. Thus, allow external sources and continue with the app. 

Are there any bugs or privacy issues available?

No, this app is completely free from viruses or other privacy issues. You can keep it along with your confidential data and no information will leak from here. It is not heavy weight and, thus, doesn’t occupy much space in your phone.

Final Reviews

YoWhatsApp apk is a feature-rich app with an intuitive user interface. The app has many positive points that attract users who download it without considering any other app. So, this app has an easy approach and allows users to connect with distant friends. You can do unlimited meetings, calls, and video conferences on this app without difficulty.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice for all those who complain about various shortcomings of the previous WhatsApp version. You should take this app for your device now. I am sure you will forget all the others. In addition, the app is ready to launch gaming and more features soon. Keep in touch with our site to learn more about the premium unlocked apps.

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