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If you’ve become tired of the outdated fundamental features and user interface of WhatsApp, you need to get revamped with the cutting-edge GB WhatsApp Apk immediately! 100% Secure & Safe (Anti-Ban)

Version: 17.20

100% Safe & Secure (Official Website)

Update: 01 February 2023

The GBWhatsApp Apk is an open-source application that allows you to chat with your friends and relatives worldwide through your android phone. This GB Whatsapp app can be used as an alternative to the official WhatsApp installed by Google Inc. It also includes additional features like group chats, themes, and much more, which are unavailable on the original WhatsApp messenger.

In simple words, the GBWhatsApp apk is a modified or unofficial version of the original WhatsApp app. It can install on your android phone. This application has been successfully tested on various devices, including Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia X, and S40 phones.

The official description says A community-based project that aims to add new features to WhatsApp Messenger while maintaining all the essential functions of the official app.

Download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp APK for nothing, which includes all premium and pro features. Examples include sharing unlimited photos, sharing high-quality photos quickly, last seen, hiding status, etc.

There are two main advantages of using this app instead of the official one.

  1. No Ads: GB WhatsApp will never show you any ads.

2. Ad Gold Features: There are some additional features available in this app, like themes, sending videos and images, etc., which are not made available by the original WhatsApp messenger.

The complete list of features is described below, supported by screenshots. He e is a screenshot from Google Play after installing this application.

What is GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is one of the most trending topics at present. Due to its remarkable features, users are becoming highly dependent on it. However, we must also deal with substantial errors and doubts about GbWA daily. He e we would like to clarify some main issues concerning GBWA that you need not worry about.

GBWhatsApp APK

1). It said that you would be charged for using GBWhatsApp in the future. Is this true

Answer: The latest version of GBWA contains an advertisement function, but it does not cost a penny. Fa ebook Messenger and WeChat announced free Internet calling services in select countries, while WhatsApp didn’t have a way to earn money from its app. So it is understandable that WhatsApp will charge a small fee in the future as Facebook Messenger and WeChat do. As for now, there is no need to worry about your account being charged for GBWA.

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2). It is said that GBWhatsApp APK needs to be rooted by using KingRoot or other tools. Is this true?

The latest version of GBWA does not require rooting at all. Ev n without root access, you can use more functions such as blocking users and accessing sent messages on pre-rooted Android devices than before. The n why are some people still saying that we need to root our phones? Because back in 2014, it was necessary to root our phones when we wanted to use WhatsApp+. There is a vast difference between GBWA, and the former does not require rooting.

GBWhatsApp APK

3). Is there any risk of downloading the GB WhatsApp APK?

I should answer this question positively. You will have no security if you download from a trustworthy source such as Google Play or Github. Everroblem Ho ever; if you download from any other unreliable sources on the Internet (including socialYoudia sites). You need to beware that they might infect your phone system with malware and viruses.

4). Why es my mobile get hot after installing the app?

This is mainly due to the large memory requirement of the app. GB WhatsApp APK has more CPU and memory usage than other WhatsApp versions. You might find that your device gets hotter if you use it for longer. Ho ever, this problem also disappears quickly as soon as you give up using GB WhatsApp and close all apps running in the background. Ev n though your phone may be hot while installing App at first, there will not be any overheating or heating issues afterward.

GBWhatsApp APK

5). Is it true that WhatsApp will delete my account when I install the APK? Do s this happen often?

As mentioned above, we can be sure that WhatsApp will not delete your account if you install GB WhatsApp APK. We can be confident because WhatsApp doesn’t have any reason to do so, as it expects more revenue instead of less.

However, many users have complained about the deletion of their accounts, and some even said they lost all contacts in the process, while others claim they could not log in after installing GBWA on their phones. This problem often occurs when people download GBWA APK from unreliable sources. Usually, those who visit social media platforms for downloading are also prone to this issue. It is better to avoid these sites or apps if you want to prevent this from happening again.

6) Why does the app work when I install it?

Many reasons are leading to this issue. Below, we will list all possible causes of problems you may encounter while installing GB WhatsApp APK on your Android device.

a) If you use KingRoot or similar tools, the installation of GBWA can fail. The s is that these tools cannot distinguish between regular and root-privileged apps installed Wee. One thing we can tell sure is if you have rooted your phone before and still want to install GBWA APK without Thing again. Then uninstall KingRoot from your mobile-first since it may conflict with the installation process when the tool detects a regular app as a root-privileged app.

GBWhatsApp APK

b) Another possible cause of the problem is that you may have installed WhatsApp+ in the past but now decided to install GBWA instead without uninstalling the former first. The s might happen if you downloaded GBWA before and need to use it on your phone right away without any delay.

In this case, just uninstall WhatsApp+, then download and install GB WhatsApp APK again from a trustworthy source such as GitHub or Google play as we do. The installation should work perfectly after that. In that case, move on to the step below:

c) You can also try clearing out space on your mobile memory by deleting unwanted photos or cache before attempting to install GB WhatsApp APK again.

d) There is a rare priority that a link loads from an unreliable source. If this happens, find another working link like what we provide here at m/. If that does either, then the only thing left for you is to uninstall WhatsApp first (if installed on your phone previously) or reinstall it if not, as mentioned in the following steps.

GBWhatsApp APK

Open Play Store on your mobile and go to the “y apps & games” section. Fi d WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots icon next to the app. can; Installing Yo r phone will prompt you with some options, Delete, Remove, and OK to uninstall WhatsApp. Wait a few seconds, then restart your phone and download the GB WhatsApp APK from the official site.

Download GBWhatsApp Apk for Android

GBWhatsApp Apk is probably the hottest application on Google Play; please, I have been waiting for this unofficial WhatsApp client to arrive on Android devices. Not because they want to use a proxy server or only due to its popularity, but mainly because people would like to be able to send and receive images while using WhatsApp.

VersionLatest Version
FeaturesHide seen, hide status, status download, etc.
Requirement4.4 and up
Updated01 February 2023

You may have heard the recent news about WhatsApp and how FFacebook’sapp messenger is not happy with people using GBWA. The details are sketchy for now, but it is rumored that WhatsApp will block images in all chats. The s means you will no longer be able to share pictures and memes directly on the app unless you use an unofficial client such as GB WhatsApp.

But now is not the time to talk about that; you can read more about this issue here if interested. The s article will show you how to download and install Android GBWA on your device. But before doing so, please ensure that you already have WhatsApp installed on your Android phone.

Note: This version of GBWhatsApp doesn’t have any anti-banning mechanism, so you might also be banned from using the app. If you plan to use it for some time and then uninstall it again, chances are you tag banned. Ju t make sure you share images only with your close friends and family; you should not share them with random strangers online.

GBWhatsApp for Android

With the latest base, GBWhatsApp can lock its anti-ban mechanism. In case of a crash or power off, it will not get banned for up to 12 hours (apart from 3 strikes).   To enable this feature, you must do the following: Settings—>Account & Chat settings —> Privacy —>Check to Enable lock account after being idle.

Image: Account and chat privacy setting – Privacy options With this, you can also enable it with a fingerprint lock.

Call participants in group chats mod (UPDATED)

With this, you can call multiple participants even if they are not the group admin. This function is available only for some contacts using the GB Whatsapp beta version!   You need to connect your connection has enabled this feature, which will be in the Media settings of his profile as Image: Group chats participants Enablelease will allow it from the above menu when you receive it. You note. You can see the below checkbox, which will enable you to select multiple people to whom you can s. can determine Mul; participants can decide if the checkbox is enabled.  

  • The app has all features of the original WhatsApp, including one-on-one messaging, group chats, photo sharing, voice messages, and video calls.
  • Unlike the original WhatsApp, which needs to be connected to an internet connection to use its chat services, GB WhatsApp can work without any operational data or wifi connection.
  • It also supports most Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 Edge+, LG G4/G5 (Android 6+), HTC One M9+ (Android d 6+), etc., but not limited to this mod excellent Get this amazing app from Google Play Store today!
    6) To download this app on your phone, go here
    7) This application is compatible with almost every android device running version 4 or higher of the operating system; however you may need root access if you are using a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod because they do come pre-installed with support by default
    8) Once downloaded and installed on your device, it will replace your old Whatsapp application, so make sure that you back up your chats before installing it

GBWhatsApp Apk

The best GB WhatsApp app for Android is a prevalent App download and social media app. Mill one of people doClickad this app. Click the below link to download and install GB WhatsApp App on your android mobile phone.

What is it?

GBWhatsapp is an alternate WhatsApp client for iPhone, allowing you to use WA as a regular App without requiring Cydia Substrate (Cycript).

Jailbreak dependency will enable you to remove all traces of the original WhatsApp from your device, allowing it to be fully native and fully stable. You can find the complete feature list here: GB WhatsApp Features List.

GBWhatsApp for Android

Why am I doing this?

I firmly believe there should be a choice between the software on your phone. Be t at UI choice, launcher choice, or even app choice. I may think that the freedom to choose software on your device should extend to ALL software.

The GPLv3 license allows anyone to take my code and re-distribute it without legal Repercussions from me. I expect this source code to be forked and cloned many times in the future by people with various intentions, whether trying to add features, remove them or add their little two and there.

But why can you install WhatsApp from App Store?

There are two main reasons for this: 1) If you wish to remove all traces of WhatsApp from your device, then installing through iTunes will not give you the ability to do so, as it will still be there on the here ground. 2) There is no way to pay for an iTunes purchase with a prepaid card, making it impossible to complete the transaction and download WhatsApp from the app store unless you have a credit card attached to your account

What about my data?

The best part about this project is that because we are setting up our local instance of WhatsApp Web, all messages are still being sent through retailers. You retain all the functionality of other clients and get all the features that iOS users do, and he’s worries video.

I’m worried that WhatsApp will ban me from using custom restrictive. Will they deny my phone number?

WA has never banned a user or phone member after over three years of existence, and I doubt they would start now. What s more, the current version of GBWhatsapp (1.0-2) is in open Beta, which means that it is not available on BigBoss or ModMyi, meaning they can you from using it. If a future re-update b reaches their TOS, then I will remove support for the client, but until then, please give it a try!

WhatsApp does not come with my prepaid card.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp has added extra security to iOS mainly due to credit card-relate allow and allows you to send messages without entering your billing address/card details. This project circumvents this problem by setting our proxy server with fake credentials locally on your phone.

When will it be ready?

I am doing this in my spare time and currently have a set ETA for when the client is finished, but I’ll do my best to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. If y you would like to help with testing, please feel free to pop into the GB Whatsapp Google Group here.

How do I install this?

You still need a jailbroken device to use the GB WhatsApp app. Just download the IPA from here: GBPLUSYO.COM.

Once downloaded, go into Cydia, Manage, Sources and add the following address: GBPLUSYO.COM (Please be aware that this URL will change in the future). You may also find a collection of themes I have coded for GB Whatsapp called ”b-themes here: GBPLUSYO.COM.

I can connect to Whatsapp web (due to timeouts); what gives?

This is caused because your wifi allows ICMP packets from outside your network; you can fix this by going into advanced settings on your router and changing it so ICMP packets are allowed. Also, don forget to scroll

7). Is it true that you can make calls using this app? Rd it is free of charge. Is it so?

Yes, we can confirm that users can place voice calls with their friends or family via the Internet connection on both ends. Even though sometimes they may need to use VoIP services on one side while on a 3G/4G network, at least in some countries where mobile operators charge extra for each minute of a call. Howe er, there will be no additional charges if VoIP calls are placed via the Internet connection on both ends.

8). I’I’veost my contacts after installing GBWhatsApp on my phone; how do I recover them?

Firstly, please try to uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp+ from your phone. If t is done, you can backup your entire Whatsapp data, including messages, contacts, photos, and more, by following this guide:

9). Why o I keep getting “p” package fill while invalid” “while trying to install GBWhatsApp?

You might have downloaded a corrupt version; please WhatsApp. Please refer to question #6 above for more information on how to get a proper download link.

If that does, and you are sure your internet connection and mobile memory storage are alright, please try switching between 2G/3G or winding, turning off, and then turning on your wifi before installing the app. And f all else fails, uninstall and reinstall it after two minutes.

10). What can I do to get notifications even when the app is not open?

You must set up periodic checks for Whaandages and notification alerts. Plea e follow these steps from your mobile phone: Settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp -> Check “Allow Notifications” and “Periodic Notification.” And if you still don’t get any notification, it might be due to the application. Please write in the comments (bottom) what Android version your device uses and where you are staying so we can further investigate this issue. We w ll try ourThatt to help! That s a lot!

GBWhatsApp APK of Developers

A Modded version of WhatsApp, the world’s largest and best-known message. The modded version is almost identical to GBWhatsApp but has additional features which can be described as follows:

To run GBWA APK, you need a rooted Android device (AndroidAfterr higher). After installing it, you will see an additional option for g WhatsApp. When creating, one can save. You can select this option to use all of its cap issues. Belo is some reasons that make GB WhatsApp more popular than the original Whatsapp:

First, Whatsapp allows users to recover their accounts if they lose access to their phone numbers. This problem was faced by many users who had 2-factor authentication enabled but did not have the code. In t is the case. If the user remembers their password, they cannot get into their account and recover it.

GBWhatsApp for Android

This issue was also faced-didn’t know who di-didn’t know how to use 2FA correctly. Tissue was faced by many users who lost access to their numbers and covered for accounts if a user was not able to provide a phone number or Whatsapp support. We can help you out here.

GBWhatsApp APK solves this issue with an additional feature that allows you to add a new account using your email address. They do any of your information on their servers as it is encrypted end-to-end, just like Telegram or Signal. This feature made GB WhatsApp more popular than WhatsApp in recent times because people are looking for a solution that would provide them with more Privacy and security.

Secondly – No ads! When we compare the features of WhatsApp from its original version to its modified version,n (in this case, GB WhatsApp), we can see that the latter is superior in terms o Privacy. Also, the fact that you do pay for anything makes it more attractive.

Facebook bought Whatsapp for USD, and many articles about how Facebook can use data. The problem with WhatsApp ads is that they are based on, so if you want to avoid using g-tailored ads, then WhatsApp won’t be constructive.

To sum up, I like GB WhatsApp APK because it grants me a lot of features as an alternative app when compared with the original WhatsApp:

  1. Share videos, photos, and audio messages
  2. Send voice messages to your contacts without needing a data connection
  3. Create group chats with up to 200 people in them
  4. Share your location easily by tapping the blue dot on the map or by typing in an address
  5. Switch between text and video chat whenever you want to
  6. Chat with friends who have Android devices, as well as iPhone users

Better Privacy regulations No Ads Additional Security and Privacy options More customization options In-built themes

Why Manage Privacy?

In many cases, you collect all the users you can and thus require them for each feature. For your user vision to be respected and not overruled, it must occur within the sc. I.e.your app – i.e., there must be some UI element where a choice is selected, rather than buried several levels deep in system settings, far away from the action where they are meant, for example. For example, if asking for access to contacts while adding a friend on GB Whatsapp:

New features in the latest version

The latest version of GBWhatsApp brings a new nature. Now you can swipe from right to left in any chat to delete ideas sent by mistake or without previewing them. It was the most requested feature among many users since sending a photo or a video is most common without previewing it.

This new feature will help you in such cases, and the GB WhatsApp team has listened to all users with this new feature.

  1. Anti-ban
  2. GB WhatsApp’s social website, such as user star, has been banned in some countries. The users of GBWhatsApp are blocked there.
  3. However, users outside those countries can still access the website and download GB WhatsApp, but they cannot find the latest version here.
  4. They can download it from this blog post, get the APK file, and install it on their phone.
  5. The next feature introduced in the latest version is adding up to 5 phone numbers to your account.
  6. Using more than one phone number while using WhatsApp is one of the primary reasons users are banned from the app.
  7. The first time you create your account, GB WhatsApp asks you to add a phone number. Only one number.
  8. However, suppose you want to add more numbers. In that case, you can do so in this new fan intelligence. This is a brilliant move by GB WhatsApp developers since WhatsApp can easily detect multiple numbers.
  9. If you add more than one number, you might get banned because WhatsApp will say that you are using WhatsApp with more than one number.
  10. Here is a detailed article about how to add multiple numbers.

What in GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version By HeyMods

  1. GBWhats pp APK Latest Version By HeyMods is now compatible with Android 8.0

2. Users can also download the app from the Google Play Store

3. The lat st update includes bug fixes and performance improvements new ts

4. This new version of GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version By HeyMods features a new admin panel, which allows you to change your password, edit your profile picture, add extra admins, and more! 

5. Installing this latest version will allow you to enjoy all these fantastic benefits without hassle or technical difficulties! 

6. You’You’ll have to worry about missing out on important messages again because this app has covered you for everything.

7. Here are the new features added to GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version By HeyMods;

8. Users can now send text messages to multiple contact letters and single messages without making the recipient add each separately. The address book will also not have to go through the trouble of selecting separate notes for each of them to avoid confusion.

GBWhatsApp for iOS

GBWhatsApp for ios is already a good application  And is constantly being developed by the creator of GBWhatssuitableto provide suitable facilities for iPhone GB Whatslatesers. The late update has brought us some new features discussed in this post. For that o have been looking for a regulative to regular WhatsApp; GBWhatsApp is such an option, as it comes with great customization options and supports multi-languages.

The first change noticed in the latest version is the updated start-up screen, which indicates that a newer version of the Gb WhatsApp operating system is installed on your device.

Anti-ban The anti-ban work is improved dramatically in the latest update for GB WhatsApp. It works better and is more reliable than their previous versions. If you use a roid GB whatsApp, you might already be aware of this feature, but just to make sure, I will mention it here as well.  

The anti-ban can be found in three different places: When you start the iPhone WhatsApp application for the first time, When you tap on the top right corner gear icon, When when entering chat settings, This shows iPhone GB WhatsApp is improved when it comes to iPhone GB anti-ban as, in earlier versions, iPhone WhatsApp users have been complaining about iPhone WhatsApp being detected and banned.  

GBWhatsApp on Mac

GBWhatsApp on Mac and  Linux is a different client, and you need to uninstall the official version of GBWhatsApp before installing this modified version.

The anti-ban feature of GB WhatsApp is disabled by default. To enable it, go to -> Settings -> Anti-ban>>[ENGLISH] New base updated.

A new version (0.99.70) has been released with the additional features listed below and several bugs fixed. In older versions, any calls connected to WhatsCall or any other program that changed the network settings would result in an error notice (this is now fixed). There were problems with the “Ente” key at the end of the group talks. Thus it has been resolved (it will not enter anymore). I will note new connections with a robust typeface.

New emojis are available for this version. Whatsapp plus apk is an anti-ban mechanism that involves adding random groups and removing them soon after being added to confuse any possible bans taking into account different aspects of the device such as IMEI or MAC address.

Call participants in groups mod:  When you have a  group chat with several participants when you want to make a call, it is possible to choose any online members. More new emojis: Many more emojis have been added, and all can be used in chats and groups using the “short” cut” but”on Android. Reply private y when in groups: It’s Impossible to reply privately from every individual chat within a group chat (in the past was only possible by entering private mode.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

the best and most secure messaging application. It looks like a  regular iPhone app, but it is a WhatsApp client with all its features, including calls and groups. GB WhatsApp on iPhone works with iOS 8  or 9+  devices only.

What is version 2.8:

You can now make private calls to participants of group chats, The feature I disabled by default for security reasons; you must activate it (see below).

Anti-ban system has been updated again! With this update, we made some significant changes to our anti-ban system. While I detail what the anti-ban system is or does for legal reasons, you can check the code to ensure that we have any secret anti-ban components as some other developers have done.

You can now call a group chat participant, even if they are on a contacts list. The feature I disabled by default for security reasons; you must activate it (see below).

New emojis were added.

How to make calls?

To make an audio or video call from your WhatsApp conversations, simply tap and hold on to the conversation title bar:

In the new YOWhatsApp Apk menu,  you can choose the calls option to make a call, even to participants in group chats who are not on your contacts list.

How do you restrict calls?

By default, the new calling feature is enabled and makes unlimited audio or video calls between GBWhatsApp users; however, if you want to disable it (for example, when you don’t have an internet connection),  you can do so from GBWhaGBWhatsApp’sings:

  1. On iOS devices, open the GBWhatsApp app and go to “Setting” -> “Call” settings.”
  2. On”Android devices, long press on a conversation and choose “Call” settings.”

How to accept calls from unknown numbers?

By default,  to avoid any possibility of sending your call ids publicly, GBWhatsApp does calls from unknown numbers. However, you can allow this by accessing the call settings: and their number to see the complete log. You to view any records when viewing a group conversation.

GB WhatsApp FAQs

The GB WhatsApp Apk has been updated again for the better. You can now s and messages in audio form, which means no more typing out your thoughts and feelings into text form when you go or are too tired at home after work. Chatting is m ch easier than ever because of this new function that does everything behind the scenes without any manual input from its users–talk about being hands-off!

Q. What is the Gb whatsapp web version?  

A. GB WhatsApp Web Version provides a customized Android experience to your pc from your browser itself (no android device required). You can get an l WhatsApp features like reading and writing WhatsApp messages, sending/receiving pictures, video media messages, voice messages, creating groups, etc

Q. Can I run GB WhatsApp Web Version on multiple browser tabs? 

A. Yes, you can run the GB WhatsApp Web Version in multiple chrome browser tabs simultaneously. You will find all your Whatsapp features, like a contact list, synced across different browsers

Q. Can I use the GBWhatsApp Web Version on Google Chromebook? 

A. This tutorial allows you to use the GB WhatsApp Web Version on chrome book via Chrome browser. You will need to download Google Chrome Browser from here for your chrome book or any Chromebook

Q. Can I use the GBWhatsApp Web Version on the Linux operating system? 

A. Yes, you can use the GB WhatsApp Web version on a PC/laptop running any flavor of Linux using the Chrome browser extension. Please note t at there could be some slight changes in features since GB WhatsApp is not a native Linux app

Q. Does the GBWhatsApp Web Version work on Mac OS X? 

A. Yes, using the Chrome browser extension, you can use the GBWhatsApp Web version on a PC/laptop running any flavor of Windows or Mac. Please note t at there could be slight changes in features since GB WhatsApp is not a native Mac app.


The new GB WhatsApp messenger is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. It’s an excellent communication tool for businesses that want to communicate more effectively on their international teams or across different departments. If y you need h lp set up your business, just reach out! We h ve exper s ready and waiting to get started.!

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