GBWhatsApp Apk

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK for free you can download, with many facilities, added, such as hiding online status and auto chat, using it without advertising and using an unlimited theme. Similarly, many facilities are paired; this is a modified version of an official WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from our official website for free.

100% Safe & Secure (Official GBPLUSYO.COM)

Version: 17.36

Size: 54MB

Updated: 1 day ago

App by: AlexMods

Today you can leverage technological apps that have overtaken the global mass communication market. There was a time when wiring or landline calling services were available for communication. But now, various useful apps are built on the latest technologies to serve purposefully. So, here I will talk about GB Whatsapp Apk, the finest communication app of this century. The app is built on cutting-edge technology and has a smooth working process. Thus, you can use this app for calling and messaging, audio calling, video calling; voice notes service, and much more. The app also serves as a platform for professionals to carry out various business-related activities.

GB WhatsApp Apk

You will agree that with the diversification of science, our lives have become open to sharing. Now, we share our good and bad moments with our loved ones who are far away. Therefore, distant relationships have also become less painful with the development of these apps. GB WhatsApp allows you impeccable services without any glitches. Furthermore, you can enjoy smooth HD quality calling services with the features in which you can do a conference call. This service helps in connecting more than one person at a time. Hence, group calling and conference calling services by adding other people on the call are possible here and similar messenger Yo WhatsApp Apk for free.

About the GBWhatsApp Apk

GBWhatsApp Apk has a unique working plan for the users and the app offers you a variety of incredible features to make your experience worth it. Thus, millions of users have to switch their old version with this new one and enjoy multiple perks. You will love the display and the supporting tools available on the toolbar. In addition, the app is more accessible and safe for every single user around the globe. A lock screen feature can turn a security shield on over the app. Moreover, if you want to leave an auto-reply when you are not around the phone, it is pretty simple with the auto-reply generation feature.

GB WhatsApp App

In this way, with GBWhatsApp, life has become more accessible and enjoyable. The app has positive ratings and reviews. You can also check the testimonials of clients and can also talk to old users about the app. The app gives you a straightforward approach or downloads to make you try the app for once and you will love it after using it. So, if you want to use excellent features like unlimited calling with hd display, free modes for audio services, conference calling and more, then gb whatsapp should be your first choice. Thus, without thinking much about the app you should go for the download, there is much more to reveal in the next section. Keep reading the details.

Excellent Features of GB WhatsApp Apk

These excellent features are the pillars of success for this app. GB WhatsApp Apk has covered the milestone with which they have built an empire of millions of users. Go and check out these fantastic features.

Unlimited HD Video Calls

HD Video Calls

If you have a loved one far away, you shouldn’t rely on audio calls because GBWA apk has brought a fantastic buffer-free video calling service. The app has built the best strategy for customers, and now you can add multiple video calls. So, there will be no buffering, glitches, and distortion while talking with loved ones. It would be best to have a good internet connection to support the calling features and the app will handle the remaining task. Hence, no more distances as unlimited video calling with gb apps has got you covered.

Perform Multiple Tasks


The app is also precisely optimized for professional tasks, which is why you can manage your business dealings here. There are various auto-reply features, descriptions and testimonials of clients available for professionals. You can enjoy the advantage of being an entrepreneur; this app allows you to approach premium modes. Thus, it would be best if you did not let it all be in vain and this is the time to convert from a boring app to a fun one.

Secure way to communicate


You might assume that this app is not secure for use and there were rumors that the app is leaking information to a third party. So, for your information, these all are false allegations about the app and developers. The app is completely secure and has a 100% satisfaction rate. Here you can do your business deals, client meetings, confidential tasks, bank-related tasks, transaction tasks, etc. Thus, don’t fear the rumors and use this app as you want.



GBWA Apk gives an encryption feature to keep your conversation with everyone in the contact list safe. Thus, no one can see your chat and leak your private information. There will be 100% personal space for all the users, and the developers will take all the responsibility on their behalf. Now stop thinking about the security risk and leaking details because it is as safe as the original with multiple benefits.

Be Out of Sight


So, the best feature so far is this one which helps the user to remain hidden for a long time. The quality is about being invisible from the sight of others. This way, you can see others’ status without showing them your presence. This is the perfect application for keeping an eye on without letting anyone else know about this. Thus, with this feature, you can retain your privacy and still enjoy the impeccable advantage of being on the app.

Edit and crop status.

crop status

You are now presenting the most awaited feature of GBWhatsapp apk 2023, allowing you to edit and crop the status. When you enter and go to the status section, the options are to crop, edit or add a filter. Thus, choose the best option for you and add your desired status. This feature has made life more accessible than before.

Why Do People use GB WhatsApp instead of Normal WhatsApp?

The best answer to this would be privacy because many people are very concerned about their private lives. So, if you are sensitive and possessive about your privacy, this app is your top option. The app has millions of users because of the best functioning and solution for significant issues.

Thus, as they say, technology should solve a bigger problem. Therefore, private life and its decency were a big problem for most people. GB WhatsApp has resolved this issue by bringing hiding options. You can hide your online activity status, last seen, deleted chats, backups and more. So, say goodbye to all the chaos and say hello to a peaceful yet social life.

Downloading Guide for GBWhatsApp Apk

We have brought a complete download guide for users to make you free from any hassle. Here you will get the details for all processes and steps. The focus will also tell you about the platforms from where you get the app. Let’s have quick information about the downloading grades.

App byAlexMods
Updated1 day ago

Firstly, you should know that GB WhatsApp is available for all devices and has the best interface. This app is also compatible with all devices and is compact to install. It means you need very little space in your device to download this app. Moreover, the app is entirely safe for updates; you can only update it with a click.

Now come to the download process, which completes in a few steps. You should check the strength of your wifi, which should be strong enough to continue the download. The next step will be to complete the search process. This is where you open the browser and search for an app to complete the thorough procedure. So, when you find the app click on the install option and the app will get installed after minutes.

How to Add GB WhatsApp on the Computer?

You should download the emulator to add or install GB WhatsApp on the computer. The process can be done without that, making the task easier. So, you can search for the pc or Windows version of GBA on Google. Additionally, you can also use the GBA web version, which demands a QR code that you scan to open the app on your computer. When you search for the window version, there will be many options before you click them for installation. Don’t worry if the app doesn’t install, don’t worry; you can use the web version by scanning the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this GB app?

GB WhatsApp is free and doesn’t have any price. Before this mod version, the old version was more expensive and you could not use that one without buying the bundle. So, this modded version has exceptional perks and comes without any price.

How can I convert from the old app to this mod version?

The process is effortless. You should install this app first from the play store and convert all your data to the new app from the previous one. Also, don’t forget to delete the previous version first; otherwise, the new one will never be installed. After that, add your last WhatsApp num to this gb app and verify the details. You are almost done now.

Can I use an avatar in this application?

Of course, the avatar or animations are available here. You can use the avatar of your personal choice and can make custom avatars as well. Additionally, you can choose the dress, style, gender, and skills of that avatar. You can put this avatar in your picture space and can name them.

Are the app ads free?

Yes, this GB WhatsApp is free from many ads. You will never get disturbed by the ads’ popping sounds and irrelevant videos. These ads are a waste of time and you should neglect them soon. Thus, this version doesn’t support any ads pushed in the notification while doing some tasks.

Is this mod WhatsApp heavy for android?

Not at all; the app is compact and takes up a small space in your phone. Let’s assume you have an old version phone with less storage capacity. Thus, you can download the app without deleting any other app to create space for this one. Moreover, you can put the app aside as it doesn’t have heavy memory or doesn’t overload your phone. You will still feel a light and smooth functioning phone without hanging issues.

Overall Remarks

GB Whatsapp Apk is a flawless application for everyone with the best user benefit. The app has smooth functioning features with a 100% performance rate. So, it is the most secure app without any third-party integration. Furthermore, this application supports various platforms and never demands much space. You can use the app even on old-version devices that will function normally.

The app has been supported by advanced technology and developers’ tools for years to launch the mod version. They have also keenly put all the features precisely on demand and considering users’ requirements. Therefore, it is the up to date application with zero failure rate. You can enjoy hd calls and live meetings here. Overall, it would be the best decision to make in 2023 and make communication more fun.

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